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This holiday season, Broadway Rose Theatre Company takes a deep dive into the music of the legendary Frank Sinatra with Christmas My Way, a Frank Sinatra Holiday Bash.

Joe Theissen and Courtney Temple. Mark Daniels photo.

Unlike most Portland area theatrical productions these days, Broadway Rose offers a video streaming event featuring four singers and a three-piece combo. Two of the singers are married, everyone is well-distanced–easy to do when the few are spread over a large stage.

Broadway Rose Managing Director Dan Murphy directs and choreographs the show, which features the amazing voices of Courtney Temple, Malia Tippets, Charles Cook, and Joe Theissen. Darcy White plays piano and conducts, with Amy Roesler on bass and TJ Arko on drums.

Charles Cook and Malia Tippets. Mark Daniels photo.

The show opens with “Mistletoe and Holly”, the only song in the entire revue that Frank Sinatra had a part in writing. What follows is 90 minutes packed with some of the best holiday tunes written in the 1940s and ’50s. Interspersed throughout the holiday music are some of Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits ever, not to mention a beautiful Christmas tree, dancing, a few BAAAD Rat Pack jokes, and plenty of liquid cheer. (In a Sinatra show, one would expect nothing less!) Created and written by David Grapes and Todd Olson with musical arrangements by Vince Di Mura, the show opened in Birmingham, Alabama, in December 2003.

The Broadway Rose creative team includes Allison Dawe, costumes; Phil McBeth, lighting design/technical director; Brian Karl Moen, sound design; Jeff Duncan, production manager and co-properties director, Liz Carlson, assistant production manager, co-properties director, and scenic painter; Jessica Junor, stage manager; and Michelle Strahm, soundboard operator. The video was produced, edited, and directed by Mark Daniels, with Daniels, Rob Lindemann, and Jerry Rouselle on camera, and Janice Pavik, video production assistant.

Courtney Temple and Charles Cook. Mark Daniels photo.

Light-hearted entertainment for all ages, the show streams through December 31. Tickets are available for purchase here through December 24, so get yours now.

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