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Before anyone jumps to conclusions, today’s missive is NOT about eating children (ref.  Jonathan Swift).

Rather, it has to do with books. Specifically, Emma Golden mystery books. The plan is very simple: gather your mystery-loving friends, co-workers, neighbors, or book club members your home for a private book signing. All you have to do is put on the coffee pot or open a couple bottles of wine and I will be there to do a brief reading and/or answer questions and sign books.

Any person who wishes to host a signing will receive a signed set of the first two books in the Emma Golden mystery series–“An Unholy Alliance” and “The Difficult Sister”.  Already have both books? Then you will receive a signed copy of the third in the series, pre-release. If enough of these signings come to pass, you also will be entitled to “A Difficult Sister” t-shirt, featuring the book cover image on the front. However, this is a long shot.  Since I can’t order just 3 t-shirts, it will only come to pass if there is a  critical mass of signings.

For someone social like me, this is a fun way to meet potential readers.  I’m really excited to partner with y’all to help get the word out. Housekeeping matters: You will need to contact me two weeks in advance of when you wish to host your gathering and be able to guarantee at least six guests. The rest is up to you. I’m looking forward to getting together with you and the folks you hang out with whom I may not have met. Let the wild rumpus begin!



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