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RICHARD FRIEDLAND of Lake Worth, Florida.

Richard is a very enthusiastic tweeter and also possesses a bit of the criminal mind. Using the 30 clues webmeister Aaron Yeagle and I supplied (not to mention 5 bonus clues and 1 SUPER bonus clue), Richard unraveled the mystery and named the correct evil-doer.

I will not tell you who the killer is, since we have had great response on the contest and may run it again. But here are a few observations from our winner:

“after some missteps on my part…I realized that given the character of the victim she HAD to be the one! A wily murderer will use all weapons, including sympathy, to evade capture!”

“I knew the killer to be a woman–after reading thru your clues–her personality, reactions…seemed the most suspect–wonderful character development in a very Agatha Christie method!”

Richard is 37, and a great lovery of mysteries, both current and classic. He also considers himself an expert on classic films. He has a Master’s degree in Education. Congratulations, Richard Friedman. I hope you enjoy the book!

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