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As of today, An Unholy Alliance is available in Annie Bloom’s Books, 7834 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland–right in the heart of Multnomah Village. This is a wonderful, bustling indie bookstore and I am happy and proud to have the opportunity to offer my book there. When you go in, be sure to say hi to Molly the cat. She is small, but has the look of a feline who could manage a small city no problem.

Other news in the neighborhood: Julie Richardson’s book (co-authored with Cory Schreiber) Rustic Fruit Desserts (Ten Speed Press 2009, $22) was released about a month ago. I purchased my copy at Baker & Spice, the boutique bakery owned by Julie and her husband Matt that I have been frequenting since my move to Portland. The book, laid out by season, features mouth-watering photography by Sara Remington, and is the perfect companion to the summer garden.

Right now I am awash in strawberries, and found two ripe golden raspberries this morning while out patrolling my little farm in Lower Hillsdale Heights. I am rolling up my sleeves to try some of the book’s cherry dessert recipes as the season is nearly upon us. Fruit desserts made with local Northwest fruit and berries–matches made in heaven!

Julie and Matt started small. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and reigning dessert maven. Matt bakes their fabulous breads. They first sold their small-batch wares at the Portland and Hillsdale farmers’ markets. Partnering with Julie’s parents Cheryl and Dave Richardson, they took over the space occupied for decades by the Hillsdale Bakery. (It was so vintage that when Harry and I got married–back when kids walked three miles to school uphill both ways–we purchased our wedding reception pastries there!)

I mention the bakery, though not by name, in my novel. It also is showcased in the novel on which I currently am working, though not by name. It is the neighborhood hangout.

Also of interest, since we’re on the subject, is Sweet Wares. A baking supply store opened by the Baker & Spice folks late last autumn, the shop recently began offering baking classes taught by Julie. Sweet Wares is eight doors east of the bakery in the Hillsdale Town Center. Check it out, www.baker&  You will understand why Emma loves living in Lower Hillsdale Heights!

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