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The State of the State

When I worked at Newberg High School some eons ago, I used to wear a “No Whining” button–one of those circles with the line through it. I loved those kids. We’d have poetry readings at my house once a month and I’d make dessert. Poems were read and critiqued and applauded. We also took some pretty fun field trips–Portland Art Museum, plays, art walks, an opera. We had rich, fun times.

A couple weeks ago, I saw on Facebook that one of my former students, Jessie Baker, called out to all the former students for a Judy Nedry book club to read my novels. If Jessie had brought me diamonds, or even lamb chops, it wouldn’t have meant as much. Fun and Richness! And many thanks to all my NOVA superstars!

The State of the Novel

I’ve been living in Amazon Hell. The Blackthorn ebook is up and available. There were problems with the paperback version. I reached out to Amazon Friday, March 29 for assitance. On Monday, April 1, talked to a real person…after I had been to India and back. In fact, it was the lovely gentleman in India who directed me to the right place for so-called support and hooked me up to said department via telephone. There is no way to breach the wall unless someone sneaks you in the back door.

So-called support finally got back to me Saturday with a curious explanation for why things had blown up and what to do about it. It took her a week to tell me what happened. I emailed back for clarification. Nothing. I wrote several emails, actually. Nothing.

Sometimes a girl has to whine, so thank you for listening. (She says, wondering whatever happened to that button!)

It’s all going to be OK. But it didn’t happen on my timeline. It will happen when it happens, as I said a couple newsletters ago, “…sometimes, quickly, sometimes slowly….”  That is my mantra for today. On the plus side, I haven’t called anyone bad names to their face. I haven’t been rude. I’ve generally behaved like a grown-up. And all will be well.

Amazon doesn’t give a rip, but we already knew that.

The State of Everything Else

The world is a mess. However, with the neighborhood ablaze in the cotton candy pink of flowering cherry trees and the white and pink clouds of plums and various magnolias, it is easy to be serene. Tulips and azaleas and camellias are everywhere, and the first rhododendrons are popping into bloom.

Two launch parties are coming up soon–come hell and/or high water:

Sunday April 14, 2 p.m., The Forest Condominiums Clubhouse, 4000 Carman Drive, Lake Oswego 97035.
Wednesday April 17, 7 p.m., Annie Bloom’s Books, 7834 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland 97219.

Please let me know if you are coming so I get enough food.

If you have already downloaded, and hopefully read, Blackthorn, please leave a short review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Every review is important. Reviews are life’s blood to Indie authors such as myself. It is difficult to be seen among all the other books out there. Every review gives the book more visibility, and what you say in your review tells prospective readers whether or not they will enjoy the book.

Thanks in advance. I will see you at one of the launch parties!



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  • Val Basom says:

    Is there an alternative you could use Judy? I have never purchased from Amazon.
    I think if you are one of the richest people in the world you should pay taxes.
    It is appropriate for a girl to whine and boycott.
    Good luck!

    • Judy Nedry says:

      Yes, I did have to whine! I’m with them this time around, but there are plenty of alternatives for next time. This is the first time I’ve used them.
      Thanks for checking in. I hope you are thriving!

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