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The daffodils have come and gone. 20140523_112527Flowers that shouldn’t be here until May are blooming their little heads off. I am going through another real estate transaction, purchasing the condominium I have occupied since October. And, because of changes at my job, I’ve been working full-time. This has somewhat cramped my style writing.

That said, progress is being made on the first draft. Just not as much as one would hope. I have great excitement for this story, since it is something completely different. Still a mystery. I have a vision for it, and the challenge comes when one attempts to put that vision onto paper, to tell the story that is lurking there somewhere.

There still is a lot going on in the writing world. I joined a Sisters in Crime panel on March 13 in Vancouver. The AAUW-sponsored event attracted a large number of mystery buffs, and 10 of us SIC members discussed the role of villains, and how to love them, in our mysteries. It was totally fun–so much so that SIC is recreating the event at our monthly meeting of the Harriet Vane Chapter in Portland on Monday, April 18. The venue is Szechuan Chef, 5331 SW Macadam Ave., Portland. The program begins at 7 p.m. and is free to members, $4 for non-members for the program only. If you would like to attend the no-host dinner at 6 p.m. ($17 includes gratuity), please make your intentions known to friend

Tonight is book group at my place. We have just read the amazing My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. This is Book 1 of a series of four novels set in southern Italy. More about it later. Suffice it to say that what started slowly now has me completely hooked! Expect a book roundup very soon!

Meanwhile, my fictional heroine Lily is making some discoveries of her own after returning to her family home on the Columbia River. As in My Brilliant Friend, place looms large as a key character in my new novel.



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  • Linda Baldwin says:

    Ah! Are you finally writing that gothic(y) Columbia River Gorge novel? Hope so.

  • caryn throop says:

    Hi Judy:
    It’s great to hear your updates. Sounds like you’re adjusting to your new place, location and schedule a bit. If the new novel has old roots within you, it may take more time to unfold (as opposed to the flowers this year and last–). We were in Portland for a time in November and December with family, and again for two weeks in late march. We had 4 nights of a bnb in the Multnomah area that had a very saggy full bed, so we took turns sleeping on the floor. Otherwise fine. Stayed with bro and sis-in-law another week or so, and 3 nights in the PSU hotel downtown. We had thought to see if you had time for coffee or meet-up (or go to a play!) but first I got sick, then Tom. Still, beautiful to be there. Best wishes, Judy.

    • Judy Nedry says:

      Hi Caryn and Tom! Sorry I missed you this time around. It’s been crazy busy. Do let me know when you’re back in town and we’ll do something. I am looking forward to moving my stuff into this condo. It’s a lovely location, but I sure miss the neighborhood life. So great, as always, to hear from you.

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