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The writer’s life this week has been very rich indeed.

The critique group I joined late May/early June met on Thursday, and for the first time it really clicked for me. It feels as though we are under full sail as a crew now whereas before I was hanging out trying to figure out what to do next and tripping in the ropes. Although we are now down to three members, I am blessed to be working with two very intelligent, kind, determined, dare I say picky women–Toni and Barbara–who know precisely what they are doing and do not hesitate to be ruthless. They had a go at Chapter 2 of The Difficult Sister Thursday, and suddenly and effortlessly the project came into focus.

Not only that, they are excellent writers. It is great fun and extremely useful to learn how they work and to see their differing approaches. I feel safe. Further, I know I can go confidently forward. They will tell me if I wander off track. It is very freeing!

In addition, my friend Linda and I have started a little on-line critique group. (She lives in Spokane or we’d be doing this face-to-face.) Linda writes humor, and is doing so with increasing deftness. Her “Cedar Creek” tales are borrowed from real life in the little burg where she grew up, and are a delight to read and critique. I think she has a great future with these stories. Linda has belonged to a group in Spokane for years, so I have witnessed through her experiences and growth how much we all can benefit by sharing our work in a focused manner.

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