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The reviews are in, and my latest novel Blackthorn has fared well under the scrutiny of readers. If you have been putting off ordering your Kindle copy of Blackthorn, wait no longer. For the next 7 days, the book is deeply discounted from its $6.99 regular price.

Starting today, February 7, Blackthorn will be featured on a “countdown deal” that runs through February 7 on

Today and Saturday, February 8, you can purchase your Kindle copy of Blackthorn FOR JUST 99 CENTS.

Sunday-Monday, February 9-10, the price is $1.99.

Wednesday-Friday, February 11-14, the price is $2.99

It pays not to wait!

Here is a sampling of some of the reviews posted on Amazon  below, and the link to purchase the Kindle ebook here.

“I could not put this book down. Every page is filled with suspense, compelling you to keep turning pages long into the night. Nedry has mastered the elusive ability to keep the reader’s interest by getting the reader involved in the lives of her characters. Sage is at once the protagonist, the ultimate insider and the observer of the rural Oregon she thought she left behind.” –CW

Bill Barry photo.

“This new ‘gothic thriller’ is set in a crumbling old resort in the Pacific Northwest. When travel editor Sage Blackthorn returns home from New York to nurse her wounds, she finds the family hotel closed up, the rest of the resort barely limping along, and something sinister going on in the boathouse. She turns amateur sleuth to solve the mystery of her brother’s death. It is moody, exciting fun. What a page turner!” –Rose City Reader

“This book reminded me of the gothic novels I read back in the day. Family in trouble, beautiful woman in peril and a good guy around to help her out of trouble. However, this gothic villain was absolutely worse than the older ones.” –ED

“Blackthorn is a page-turner from the opening pages. I did not want to take breaks or stop reading until it’s well-crafted conclusion. Nedry develops a cast of characters that engaged me with their flaws, determination and authenticity. The setting is perfectly drawn and the plot unfolds with a natural flow and intensity. Bravo. Highly recommended.” –JK

“This is a story that pulled me in and kept me engaged all the way to the end. The character development and their quirkiness was as colorful as the locale was beautiful. The strong sense of place and the thread of mystery that were finely woven into the plot left me thinking about the story after I was done reading.” –Amazon customer

So join the fun. Grab a copy and settle in for a long winter read! If you already have your copy, please share this information with your mystery-loving friends.

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