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The game is afoot. The phone rang all day. I sent out some press releases, sold a bunch of books to friends, and placed An Unholy Alliance in Broadway Books, one of Portland’s great independent bookstores. It’s on the links now, and it’s located att 1714 NE Broadway. If you are over that way check it out.

Lunch with Judy was a real treat. We don’t see each other nearly enough. We talked about friends and friendship. She said if you have five great friends in a lifetime you are very lucky. I am very lucky indeed to have more than five–and a great many of them live nearby, or at least in the greater Portland area. I found 10 people who were willing to read and critique the first draft of An Unholy Alliance. Some of those who could have were unable to read the draft when it needed reading, but are hanging in there with me now and getting the word out.

Another great friend I don’t see enough is Linda. She lives in Spokane, but is staying here tonight because she is on her way to Myrtle Creek to look in on her aging mother. We had a lovely dinner and are kicking back. She was one of my readers and someone I rely on for literary advice. She has put up with me over the years. We can tell each other anything. What a gift it is to have such people in my life.

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