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Live performance is happening! It’s as close as your electronic device.

Tonight and Friday evening, and Sunday afternoon, CoHo Productions presents Aberdeen, a musical storytelling performance by Matt Sheehy. His unique one-man show was originally performed at CoHo during the summer of 2018.

Matt Sheehy in Aberdeen.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, CoHo is experimenting with ways to share theatre from a distance. Artists all over are grappling with this challenge, adapting for new platforms with work that allows instant-access and enables artists to share the spontaneity and immediacy of live performance pandemic safe.

Matt Sheehy one of these constantly evolving performers, brings Aberdeen to the virtual stage.Matt found inspiration in his travels as a forester in the rural Pacific Northwest, creating a 75-minute first-person musical event.

The show now is adapted specifically for livestreaming. Matt uses the limitations of the medium to shape a dynamic intimacy, featuring animated projections which transcend meaning and transform space.

Aberdeen is for anyone who has ever re-started a life, lost a loved one, or felt the gravity of having children of their own. It’s an experience that is part indie-rock concert, part The Moth, and part The Twilight Zone.

Performances air at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, July 9, Saturday, July 11, and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 12. Tickets are available here.

From Page to Stage

Gary Cole.

On July 24, CoHo unrolls the red carpet for a limited digital run of Black Box: Page to Stage, a unique fundraising campaign for Covid-19 relief. It feature scenes from CoHo founder Gary Cole’s premiere novel Black Box that will be performed live at CoHo, and streamed to the comfort and safety of your living room.

Seventy-five percent of campaign proceeds will be donated to the Oregon Arts and Culture Recovery Program established by the Oregon Community Foundation. The remaining proceeds will be retained by CoHo, to cover the substantial operating losses incurred during the closure. Ticket cost includes a copy of the new book, and tickets may be purchased here. Adult content. 

Radical Listening

CoHo’s Radical Listening podcasts continue, with the most recent featuring Sara Fay. Beginning in spring of 2019, and produced by CoHo Productions and Virtual Sonic Reality Studios, it features hosts Phil Johnson and Clifton Holznagel as they dissect Portland theatre and performing arts through a series of interviews with local creators. These two unconventional interviewers/theatre artists take a deep dive into the inspiration and creative processes of each guest, as well getting their perspectives on popular topics. Recorded in the CoHo Theatre, each interview brings insight and levity to the relatively obscure world of the Portland arts scene.

This is CoHo’s 25th year onstage in Portland. Please support local arts!




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