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The game is afoot.

It is late February 2006 and Melody has dragged her friend Emma into another escapade. This adventure takes the two friends from wine country to the southern Oregon Coast in search of Melody’s sister Aurora, who took off before Christmas with a man she met on the internet. Aurora is known as “The Bolter” because she has a habit of running off with (mostly unsuitable) men. There have been a string of them, but Melody’s convinced that this one is the worst. And when Aurora stops answering her cell phone Melody is convinced that something is amiss.

I’m working on Chapter 4 and am trying to figure out some way to serialize this so y’all can get a sneak preview. If you have ideas on how to facilitate this process, please check in and give me suggestions.

Meanwhile, a lot of “writing” is going on in my head as I tend the garden. What a pleasant way to get things in motion!

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