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Seems like just yesterday, but it actually has been five years since I released my first novel, An Unholy Alliance. It was a book I’d dreamed of writing for 10 years. By the time it was released, I felt like I’d been pregnant way too long. (If I hadn’t gotten that thing out when I did something really bad might have happened!)

The launch party was a small, down-home affair, held in my back yard in Emma’s beloved “lower Hillsdale Heights” (a bit weird given that I’ve never been able to locate the upper Hillsdale Heights part of the equation). I baked plain and chocolate shortcakes, sought out the local Hood strawberries, whipped cream, and poured some Chehalem wines. A ton of my friends showed up and purchased more than 50 books. Wynne’s friend took pictures. People ate and drank and laughed. I had a blast!

But five precious years have passed. By now most of you have read The Difficult Sister, and a third Emma Golden mystery is in the works. I will be telling you more about the new book in the coming months. Thanks for being on the bus will me!

Signing copies of An Unholy Alliance at my book release in June, 2009.

Signing copies of An Unholy Alliance at my book release in June, 2009.


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  • Betsy Holzgraf says:

    I enjoyed the book and release party for Difficult Sister so eagerly await #3. What’s not to like! A good book, good food, good conversation. Hurry up and get that baby written

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