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Here’s the latest book publicity, posted last week on John Valeri’s book blog at the Hartford Examiner:

Electronic media is a great way to see and be seen. John and I met on Twitter a couple weeks back, became Facebook friends, and so on. All our contact has been via e-mail.

Penny Sansevieri at gave a dynamic two-part presentation at the Willamette Writers Conference last August in which she stated “paid advertising is dead.” While the jury between my ears is still out on that one, I can tell you this: I can’t afford paid advertising.

Thus, with the help of webmeister Aaron Yeagle (, I’ve run a successful contest on twitter and captured more than 1200 followers since the end of September.

Another curious happening: An Unholy Alliance was featured in a front-page article in my former hometown newspaper, the Newberg Graphic. Reporter David Sale wrote the piece based on a press release e-mailed to the Graphic, then visited my website and filled in the details from my blogs. Imagine that! I never talked to the guy and didn’t know anything was going to run until after the fact.

I think I will go have a cup of tea and some chocolate. It’s just too mysterious. I like it, of course. What’s not to like about free publicity? But I miss the old-fashioned personal touch.

P.S. You can hear my dulcet voice in a radio interview–via podcast. Simply visit the Toginet link in the column to your right. Ciao.

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