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I never dreamed about having a blog, but in today’s world that is part of the game, so I intend to have a good time with it. There will be periodic entries here, of course, and all the usual book things–events, reviews, news items. But there will be other fun stuff as well.

Anyone who knows me is aware of my relationship with food. It’s been an ongoing love affair that began about the same time I started reading mysteries. I wrote about food the way I wrote about wine–with gusto. And I participated. I even wrote a cookbook for my daughter after she graduated from college. Some of you  got copies, but you won’t find it on Amazon or any other outlets because only fifty copies were printed.

I still have a lot to say about food, so I will be talking about food on the web site. I’m real excited about this. A bunch of us went out last night and…well, you’ll just read the post to find out more. There will be food adventures and memories, some recipes that  Angel and Emma cooked for B&B guests in the novel, and of course restaurant reviews. A bientot.

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