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The State of the State 

I write this on New Year’s Day, looking back on a year that has fizzled and looking forward to a fresh new year filled with plans, anticipation, surprises, and Things That Must Be Dealt With. In my life today, it is always good when Christmas is over. My favorite holiday managed to grow some unwanted baggage over the years, and it had become very difficult for me. It’s taken time to work through and learn what I needed to do to take care of myself while not being the Grinch. This season just ending, I find that the hard work has paid off. It was a different Christmas in many ways, and a good Christmas.

On the Danube!

For me, 2018 was a beautiful year with my daughter. Wynne certainly had a roller coaster of a year beginning when her dad sold Chehalem, the winery we started together so long ago. She lost her job forthwith, and has landed on her feet. Throughout the maelstrom, we also spent a wonderful six months of travel, gardening, and doing mom and daughter things. It was a sublime time for me. And now Wynne’s life has taken another new and positive turn, one that already has changed our relationship. I am beyond pleased for her.

The State of the Novel

Blackthorn lives! Just a few more edits and a cover to go. Of course, the futzing and tweaking and generally getting the novel into shape and ready to go continue. It has been a long process with this one. I broke new ground in taking on a different kind of project from the series. There were interruptions of several weeks due to travel and three time-outs for eye surgeries.

This small family cemetery inspired a scene in Blackthorn.

All is better than well now. No worries. It needs a few finishing touches, but that’s about it. My belief is that the book will be out when it’s supposed to be. The goal is sooner rather than later.

“Acceptance is the key….”

So much of what made this year rich beyond imagining involved a new level of acceptance on my part. This key principle is one that may come easy to some folks, but it’s always been difficult for me. All my life, I’ve been a take-charge person. It has been a compulsion, in my DNA perhaps, to visualize an outcome and work toward it. For some reason I was never able to work toward goals the way other people did, always choosing to listen to my own drummer instead. And then, more often than not, I carried expectations for a certain outcome and was devastated when that outcome failed to materialize. With age comes some wisdom. It becomes easier to accept that the expected outcome that failed to materialize was not the right one, while the unexpected one yields unforeseen treasures.

Imagine that!

Of course, there are some things one should never accept. Evil things. But lately I find myself more willing to wait for the miracle, if you will, rather than madly chase a specific outcome. I try to let go of control and outcome, all the while working toward something, letting it find its own way. If that makes any sense….

A visit to Chiricahua National Monument, one of the highlights of 2019.

Looking ahead in 2019 there will be the new book. Soon. And wonderful plays to review and books to read and friends. Long, easy visits. Beautiful meals. Coffee. A garden when the season arrives. Surprises. Many surprises. And hopefully some travel.

Happy 2019 everyone!




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  • Jennifer says:

    Wonderful to read this today. Thoughtful and inspiring for me. I am grateful for you and your newsletters.

  • Rebecca says:

    There are many thoughts here I can relate to and learn from. ❤️

  • Lynn Greenwood says:

    What an inspiration you are! Looking forward to reading the novel in its final form!

  • Linda Eguchi says:

    I love your newsletters, Judy. Thank you.

  • Mary says:

    So wonderful to read this today. Makes me miss you! It’s been too long!

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