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Yes, well, it’s been a while.

A lot of things are happening in Lower Hillsdale Heights.

In my upcoming novel, The Difficult Sister, Melody and Emma have located the man Melody’s sister ran off with–the vile Cliff Baker–in the small fictional town of Radnor, located a few miles south of Bandon on the southwest Oregon Coast. They haven’t found Aurora, however. In fact, there is no sign of her, and they know Baker is lying about here whereabouts, so they recently visited the Coos County Sheriff Will Brayburn and filed a missing person’s report.

Brayburn, it turns out, is an acquaintance of Emma’s from when she was in high school, and their parting was not a graceful one. Seeing him puts her into quite a tailspin. More will be revealed on this. And, the two women are jolted when they learn that Baker is keeping a close eye on their whereabouts. No sunlit vineyards in this one, folks.

The author has booked a couple of very nice book signing events, and you will need to visit my “events” link in the right hand column to learn more. I expect a couple more events will be added before the end of the year.

In an effort to meet tough economic times head-on, I’ve secured a job working part-time at Sweet Wares. It is two blocks from my house, and owned by the same wonderful people who own Baker & Spice. Hit the “baker & spice” link to learn more. Sweet Wares is a baking equipment store, so going to work for me is like going to the candy store. So far I have been able to bank more than I spend, but this is all top of the line baking equipment and accessories, so it’s been a teeth-gritting test. Lovely place. You can drop in if you like. I work afternoons Thursday through Saturday and every other Sunday.

Harvest is over, which allows more time at the computer. It is raining like hell as I write this. I have been reading some good mysteries and eating some good food. More about that next time. Anon.

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  • Aaron Yeagle says:

    Glad to see that things continue to move forward! So is “The Difficult Sister” a murder mystery too? or a Thriller.

  • Aaron Yeagle says:

    I wonder if they need their sites optimized … hmmm

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