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The State of the State

Running a bit behind my self-imposed schedule this month. There has been another move. I purchased my sister’s condo. She moved her stuff out. I moved my stuff in. While this was not the total chaos of last October, it took it’s toll. Quite simply, I had not downsized enough. Three weeks into my latest bout of home ownership, I am still stumbling over boxes.

Progress, not perfection.

Progress, not perfection.

The good news is this: it no longer looks like a hoarder lives here. I found my Kindle, sold my bedroom set. Wynne came over and programmed the remote. Progress, not perfection, as a rather large group of friends are wont to say.

The State of the Novel

Less progress than one would hope. But progress nonetheless. I’ve changed the heroine’s name from Lily to something else. A Lily she was not. Lily implies a softness that this character, despite her vulnerabilities, does not possess. When you read the book somewhere down the line you will learn the reasons why. Oh, I am so excited about the setting! The main characters are fleshing out. Although I don’t play chess, I like to imagine that this is just like a chess game. You know certain rules and moves and strategies, but there are surprises along the way.

I remember seeing Scott Simon at Portland Arts & Lectures a few years ago. He talked about how we write in our heads. I will be walking with my friends or doing something at work, and all of a sudden I am in another world. My characters are having a conversation right up there between my ears while I am oblivious to stuff  happening around me. I get hooked into it and momentarily forget what I am supposed to be doing. Then someone says, “Judy?” and pulls me back. Scott talked about walking with his wife. She would be talking away and all of a sudden would say, in her French accent, “You are writing now, aren’t you darling?” So yes, in this way, I definitely am writing.

The State of the Arts

Monday I met with Claudie Jean Fisher, Public Relations Manager at Portland Center Stage. After more than a year of reviewing plays in the greater Portland area, I am out to solidify my base. For me, it is not enough to just review the plays. I want to see the big picture, get to know the behind-the-scenes players better, and find out where all this is going. Like the wine industry, the theatre people are a close-knit group.

Claudie has set up a press “will call” at PCS, thereby making herself very available and welcoming to reviewers. Through her, and her counterparts at other theatres, I plan to gain access to the creative directors, directors, and other creatives, thereby making my reviews more interesting to you readers. Claudie and I discussed equity and diversity issues within PCS and the greater theatre community, and what PCS is doing to attract new audiences. Stand by for more information.

John San Nicolas and Chris Murray in The Liar by David Ives, last June at Artists Repertory Theatre. Owen Carey photo.

John San Nicolas and Chris Murray in The Liar by David Ives, last June at Artists Repertory Theatre. Owen Carey photo.

Finally, I am aware that many of you are not particularly interested in the theatre coverage, which has occupied more than half of my blog space of late. I’m working with my Web Page Guru to figure out how we can separate the reviews into another category so that you may more easily access the information that you find most appealing.

Until next time, Judy





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    Always great to read about the state of you in all areas. Another good one.

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