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The free sample book arrived from iUniverse yesterday. It is hefty–320 pages plus the usual extras. I like the cover. I went a little numb when first I held it like a new baby, and then checked out every little part. Then I put it down and thought, You didn’t really do this. It’s a dream.

Then I picked it up again and found some mistakes. I felt normal again.

Regarding the mistakes, they are there so get over it. My tired old eyes read proofs three, maybe four times. I spell-checked at least twice. Then I found those flippin’ errors. I know they are there and I don’t want to hear about them.

When there are no errors, it is a bad omen. A very bad omen indeed. So get over it. There will be errors.

The first person to see An Unholy Alliance in published form was my acupuncturist, Dr. Leigh. She got very excited and was going to run down to Powell’s and order order copy. Of course we all shop on-line, but if you want a copy, consider going to your nearest indie bookstore and ask them to order a copy. We’re indies supporting indies. Being an independent bookstore these days is not easy. (Neither is being an indie novelist…but more on that later.)

After I got poked with needles, I stopped at Cheryl’s on my way home and showed her the book. She got excited too. She said, “Doesn’t it feel great?” I said, “I don’t know how it feels yet.”

I came home. The bad brain started yapping at me. It told me I was no good.  I didn’t fondle my book. I made myself a little crazy. Pat came over and ordered me to sit still for a while. It all turned out OK. The book looks good. It’s awesome.

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