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OK, the latest deal here is the podcast.

I was interviewed by a nice man named Steve Jorgenson at This is the radio station connected to iUniverse and is one of their publicity services. We talked for twenty minutes about An Unholy Alliance, how it came to be, and some of the characters. The broadcast aired on Saturday afternoon, but is available on podcast to any of y’all who want to hear it.

If you are interested in hearing the interview, please follow the Toginet link in the right hand column. It will take you straight to the podcast. You can play it on your computer. Isn’t technology wonderful? I listened to it while playing Spider Solitaire, one of my favorite secret vices. (Authors’ lives are almost too thrilling to be imagined!) I didn’t sound half bad considering Mr. Jorgenson interviewed me by telephone at 8 a.m. Friday morning. I was sitting in front of the fire drinking coffee in my jammies (further insights into the thrilling lives of authors).

Saturday morning found me at Wordstock down at the convention center. Lots of authors were there. I got to hang out and sign books at the Willamette Writers booth. Big discovery of the day was anvil press, Vancouver, B.C., who are publishing some very out there books. I wanted to buy about 10 of them, but then wondered what the hell I would do with another bunch of books. You should see  the “to read” stack on my piano bench, which is where they all end up. I also visted with Jill Kelly, author of Sober Truths: the Making of an Honest Woman. She published her book with iUniverse in 2007 and was a 2008 finalist in the Literary Arts’ Oregon Book Awards. I got a copy of the book–we traded–and will report on my findings as I work my way through the stack.

Right now Deadly Intent by Lynda LaPlante is the book on my nightstand. LaPlante is the creator of  Prime Suspect and the unforgetable character Inspector Jane Tennison portrayed by Helen Mirren in the British television series aired on PBS Mystery. The book, like the television series, deals with brilliant proceduralists with very screwed up personal lives. I’m on about page 580 and it goes into the 600s, but is moving/has moved quickly. Good plotting, great dialog, people in a buttload of trouble.

Other than that, it’s been working at my new job at SweetWares down here in the Hillsdale shopping center and cooking for the Chehalem harvest crew. A lot of activity, not much writing getting done, but I will be back at it this week.

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