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Portland is blessed with so many fine small theatre companies. Theatre Vertigo is just one of those that offers quirky low-budget productions that surprise and delight. Sometimes all it takes is a few unmatched sheets. And yet, so much can happen.

Stupid Ghost cast. Photo by Sleeper Studios.

Vertigo’s latest offering, Savannah Reich‘s Stupid Ghost, is a comedy about ruining the lives of people you love. Ghost (Jacquelle Davis) notices an attractive young woman, Ronnie (Laia Maarja Hillier), and follows her home. Sounds pretty innocent, you think.

Ghost notices that Ronnie has a cute boyfriend, John Pierre (London Bauman). And then Ronnie gets sassy with her mom and is grounded. A lipstick is involved, as well as a deep conversation in a canoe. Mayhem ensues. Spoilers will not be shared at this time.

London Bauman and Jacquelle Davis in Stupid Ghost. Sleeper Studios photo.

Stupid Ghost is a short show, running about 60 minutes. It’s funny and clever, and ultimately creepy. Other characters are the Poltergeist (Tom Mounsey) and Lecturer (Adriana Gantzer).

The play is directed by Devon Roberts with Evi Bissen, stage manager; Devon Roberts, Jacquelle Davis and Tom Mounsey, lighting design; the ensemble, scenic design; London Bauman, sound design; Clara-Liis Hillier, choreography; Adriana Ganzer, prop master; Nathan Crosby, scenic consultant; and Kaia Maarja Hillier, costume eye, branch collector and hanger.

Stupid Ghost runs through January 25 at Theatre Vertigo/Shoebox Theatre, 2110 SE 10th Avenue, Portland.

Kaia Maarja Hillier in Stupid Ghost. Sleeper Studios photo.




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