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Several months have passed, and at last it is time to give Emma Golden’s followers a glimpse of what she has been doing since An Unholy Alliance was published in June 2009.

Emma is back with a vengeance. Her latest adventures will be published later this year. In the meantime I can tell you a few things for certain.

  • The adventure is set near Bandon, on the southern Oregon coast.
  • Emma’s old pal Melody Wyatt again lures Emma out of her comfort zone–this time in search of Melody’s sister, Aurora, who recently found the love of her life on the internet.
  • Emma runs into an old boyfriend. (Some of you have asked about Emma’s sex life. More will be revealed.)

I am very excited to share more with you on a regular basis. Sign up for upcoming news in the subscribe box to your right. Get on the bus and enjoy the ride as we move toward publication of The Difficult Sister.

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