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Every one of us, I believe, has a little voice inside that more often than is really necessary turns up the volume and starts squawking things like, “You’re not good enough”, “Who do you think you are painting that picture (or inventing that lightbulb, or trying to find a cure for cancer, or writing that book)? Emma Golden hears trash talk from these little monsters all the time; she calls hers the “shit fairies”.

If we listen to these voices they can wreak quite a lot of havoc, especially with us artistic types, because due to the nature of our work, we spend our creative time alone. And when we’re solitary and most vulnerable, the voices work overtime in our heads trying to be certain they’re the ones we listen to.

That’s why people like me need people like you. That is why people like us have gallery shows and poetry readings and book launch parties. At some point we need to come out of the shadows and show off our babies. And we need our peeps around us cheering us on so we don’t fall apart. It’s you, sweet friends and supporters, who drown out the voices!

Last week was a roller coaster for me. But on The Difficult Sister’s launch night I felt like Cinderella at the ball. I was too busy trying to say hello to all of you and signing books to spend much time visiting. Even if we didn’t have time to chat for long, you were seen and much appreciated. I felt so loved and validated.

Thanks for making my big night super special. Some of had to drive a while to get to the party. Some of you couldn’t stay long. But that’s OK. I knew you were there and it meant a great deal.

I’ll be very busy in the months ahead promoting the book. You all energized me and made the project feel worthwhile. So for now, stand by because there is more to come. Emma is venturing into brand new territory, and you’re all invited along for the ride.

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  • Kier Hartwig says:

    Your launch party was terrific and you looked radiant with a smile from ear to ear! Glad to read what was happening in your head about the day since we were one of those who couldn’t stay for long. We are so proud of you Judy for working so hard to make your dreams come true. You are an inspiration … So tell those “shit fairies” to stuff it! Take care … Hugs!

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