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By now, most of you have seen the lovely cover photo I chose for my soon-to-be-released mystery novel, The Man Who Wasn’t There, the third in the Emma Golden mystery series. The image was taken by a dear friend, Doreen Wynja, Eye of the Lady Studio in McMinnville, Oregon, and is of nearby Kiff Vineyard. Doreen has worked as a professional photographer all of her adult life, and has been my go-to person over the many years I wrote about food and wine.

Now, it’s time to see the magic that has been worked by another friend–my Author Platform Guru, Aaron Yeagle. Here she is, folks. Ta. Da!The Man FINAL-cover-sm

I particularly loved Doreen’s image because not only does it capture the vines at their mid-summer lushness, but also incorporates the conifers and the shadowy Coast Range in the distance–sure signs that we’re in the northern Willamette Valley. I also detect a moody mysteriousness in this photo. You don’t really know what’s going on out there. Do you feel it too?

Aaron added the silhouette of the man–a great touch that fits perfectly with the theme of the book–and typeface color, just a couple shades redder than the soil in the Red Hills of Dundee. Brilliant.

The author cover photo was taken by Jennifer King, a personal friend and Portland-based photographer. I’d love to hear your comments on the look of the new book.

Last night I met with my readers to get their feedback on the book draft. I bribed them with food, which is a great way to extract information from people. It works for Emma and Melody, and it works for me. It was an greatly productive session, as they always are. My group are discerning readers, and although they have strong opinions I can trust them to be fair. And they keep me out of trouble I don’t even know I’m in!

For me it was enjoyable and informative. And there were plenty of suggestions about how to iron out the troublesome spots. I now can forge ahead to the end. Thanks to all of you who were so helpful.

Coming very soon: Chapter 1 of The Man Who Wasn’t There.




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  • Jennifer says:

    It was fabulous being one of your readers. It was a special evening and I think it is a wonderful book. Onward!!!!

  • Kier Hartwig says:

    Wow! Judy this looks great. I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to get my hands on the completed book. Good work my friend.

  • Leigh Adriance says:

    I love the cover. Doreen’s photography used to hang in Argyle’s tasting room when I was there. Good Choice!

  • Judy, I love this cover. Not only is the image of our the Red Hills of Dundee extraordinary the shadowy image of a man lends the mysterious element that you write so well. Congratulations on being so near the end!

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