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Last year I pledged to myself to blog two times a week, a number thought to be reasonable for someone who wants to get the word out about whatever is her area of expertise. I tried it, and after a few weeks I ran out of steam.

Although I have two completed novels under my belt, some things are just too much–particularly when one has a bit of attention deficit disorder. I get sick of other people’s blogs on a regular basis. No matter how good they are. I mean, enough already. There is the occasional bright star. But even the most engaging and expert blogger wears me out with the everyday-ness of an every day blog.

As for my blogs, who wants to read what I am thinking about twice a week? I don’t even talk to my daughter that often. It’s enough that someone like me has managed to put together two novels. In fact, that in itself is a miracle.

This year, I am going to blog when I have something to say that most of you will want to read. I refuse to be fenced in by the so-called rules of how often to blog. I need to blog when I need to, when I hit a vein of gold that needs to be shared, when there is news. Period

Oh, and there is news. My agent and I have parted ways. Our agreement was a temporary arrangement wherein she would query six editors. While there was very good, interesting feedback on my novel, all of them passed on it.

I spent last week licking my wounds. This is an inconvenience, nothing more. Like most writers, I am no stranger to rejection. One agent thought my work was worth showing to editors. And there are other agents–and editors–out there.

And so, my friends, stand by me. The best is yet to come.




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  • Nadine Luther says:

    Ah, gee…..I was so looking forward to reading your next book! With all the other “stuff” that is published, how can they pass on your good writing? It’s interesting, funny, engaging. I’m disappointed, so I know you really are….

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