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A good old time was had by all at the Chehalem tasting room during the annual Wine Country Thanksgiving. Sorry I’ve been so long getting back to all of you, but things continue busy around here. It was great to meet a bunch of fun new readers. And for those of you who signed up for the newsletter, welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy it–and the books!judy wineglass

I finally have settled on the name of my new heroine for a new mystery series set in Portland. Before the yowling begins, let me assure you that I have no intention of abandoning Emma. She is the heart and soul of what I do, and book Number 4 is well into plotting stages. However, there are many reasons for me to introduce a new character as well…someone younger, a little edgy, someone who will test my plotting and writing in new ways. Like Emma she comes with plenty of warts. I’ve spent some quality time today on her biography. I have to know this woman intimately before I put her into challenging situations which may or may not involve blood and guts!

Oh, and here’s the status of the donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. (Yes, this is where the money will go once I figure out how much there is to give.) My figures from direct sales for November are in, but I will not know the total until late January for e-book and paperback sales from sources such as bookstores, libraries, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the like. To further complicate matters, I decided that I would extend this modest fundraising event through December.

This means you still have time to purchase books and contribute to The Cure. After December I will choose a new charity, because this is so much fun. But for now, it’s research for the cure to breast cancer, my friends. So send in your orders today!

In other parts of the writer’s world, I am getting used to my new home. Last night, the book group met here. It was the very best time I’ve had in the condo to date! What a lovely, smart, fun group of women. I hope we didn’t disturb my neighbors, because we really made noise. LOTS of noise.

The week before, dear friend Rebecca Gabriel and I hosted a Ladies Tea at her house. Holiday decorations and wonderful women were present in abundance–not nearly as many as we would have liked, but as many as the place could hold. The dogs and Tracy went upstairs to watch football and we rocked the place.

ladies teaNo one is forgetting about writing. But ’tis the season.

I hope you all are enjoying this time of year, the music, the lights, and the gatherings with dear ones. For many of us, holidays are difficult, and we all need to be aware of that, whether we ourselves are trying to live up to some impossible ideal or whether someone we know–or even someone we don’t know–may be struggling. It’s not all fun and games, so remember to take a moment. Just take a moment.


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  • Margie Hurle says:

    Another heroine? Younger, edgier? But we LOVE Emma, her maturity, her depth of experience. Well, you were always up to a challenge. I see Emma as your other self; I look forward to another incarnation. May you spend many happy hours together.

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