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Last week got away from me, but it was all for the good. A dear friend and I took a mini road trip to Seattle to spend the night and take in the Paul Gaugin exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.

I love museums–big ones like the Met , little ones like the one Wynne and I stumbled across in Juneau, Alaska–art, craft, history, natural history, maritime, the Queen’s jewels, you-name-it. (Old castles are a particular favorite of mine because they encompass all of the above, plus a lot of lifestyle stuff one wouldn’t see elsewhere.)

Something happens to the brain on museums. I first noticed this when I worked at Newberg High School. We’d take students to the Portland Art Museum and spend 90 minutes. After each of these trips, productivity shot up about 300% the next day and gradually tapered off over the following two weeks. They’d write about it, talk about it. Whatever projects they were working on suddenly blossomed!

And it’s not just kids. It happens with me. Which is why a week without a blog is not a bad thing. I returned from Seattle inspired and energized. Of course there was the remainder of the week to be dealt with, catching up, etc. But no matter. The good has been sown. The productivity has shot up. I suggest you try it yourself sometime.

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  • joy kelley says:

    I really want to take a road trip to Seattle. Or, Lopez Island would be even better. Maybe this summer we’ll take our bicycles up for a few days.
    It was great seeing you on Sunday.

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