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Nearly a month has passed since I announced my intentions to publish The Difficult Sister. Today 100 copies of the finished book arrived on my doorstep.

People who know me personally have observed that when I take the proverbial bull by the horns I don’t mess around. Since my last blog, the following items have been ticked off the list: begin publishing process for ebook and paperback, submit editorial content and cover image for ebook and paperback, pay a wad of money, get web page updated, proof covers both versions and reject, proof editorial both versions and reject, hire a communications-oriented professional to help with web page content and press release, proof and reproof web page content and press release, proof and reject editorial contents again, reject, approve covers, reproof changes on paperback editorial and approve, try to find out what happened to ebook editorial copy.

Yes, it’s all part of this wonderful game that I have been addicted to practically since the day I was born. Writing is only part of it. The biggest part of it to be sure. But I am in love with the process. I want the control, I want to see the vision of the project carried out to the best of my ability on my terms. I can make decisions quickly. Sometimes I trip up, make mistakes, have to go back and do things over. And always there are still mistakes.

But the baby is done and in my hands at last. (The ebook isn’t done yet; give it two weeks max.) Books are available on this website or may be ordered from your favorite bookstore. Or, request the book at your local library and they will get it for you. If you are in Portland, please come to my book launch party on Wednesday, December 4, 6:30-8 p.m. at Baker & Spice Cakery, 6330 SW Capitol Hwy. Portland 97239.

I’m happy. Hell, I’m euphoric. And we’re not finished yet. Another Emma adventure is brewing.

“What a long, strange trip it’s been.” Indeed.

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  • Kier and David says:

    Congrats Judy! What a long and windy road. You should be so proud of yourself…we sure are proud of you. Can’t wait till we have a copy in our hands too. Good job!

  • Elaine says:

    Wish I could be there for the launch, but in lieu of that, I’ll buy your book! Congratulations, Judy!

  • joy and mike kelley says:

    I cannot wait for this party. I’m happy, happy, happy for you. Know this new publication will be a Super Duper success.


  • Morgan Kearns says:

    Hooray! Congratulations and plaudits. What a birthing! Can’t wait to celebrate you and acquire my copy of your latest Emma Golden at your launch party!

  • cousin Jay Hart says:

    Hi Judy,
    I’ve been in PDX for a while now and we should get together. Otherwise, I will plan to be at your book signing.

  • Elizabeth says:

    You are a warrior of self-discovery, as Andy would say. You get the job done, to your immense credit. Enjoy your well-deserved euphoria, and sell a ton of books! xx, E

  • Diane Teitelbaum says:

    Congrats Judy! So happy you have completed the second book. There’s no stopping you, as we all know. I can’t wait for your 25th book.
    I just ordered the 2 book set and can’t wait to reread the first and start the second.
    Fondest regards as always. Diane

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