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Readers, friends, blog subscribers, FB followers…all of you have some awareness that I am nearly finished with The Difficult Sister. God knows it has taken me long enough to get to this point. So with the finish line about three yards ahead of me, y’all are starting to ask the next logical question.

“When will the book be out?”

I wish I could say next month, but no. Not next month. Not before Christmas. I wish there was better news.

The truth is, it may be a very long time indeed. I self-published An Unholy Alliance. iUniverse produced the book, I even spent money on a publicist. I spent my own money, did tons of legwork, took a lot of knocks, and have decided against doing it the same way again.

Therefore, sometime in May I begin my search for an agent. I expect this process to be long and arduous And once representation is found and the agreement signed, the agent will market the book to potential publishers.

This, my friends, could take years. But that is OK. It’s the process, and I am fascinated with Process. (Well, maybe not totally. I’ve never been great at deferred gratification.)

What I do know is that satisfactory and successful as the last venture was, I am ready to ramp it up a bit. I may lose my patience and take things into my own hands yet another time. If I do, it still will be a very different experience than the last one simply because I have learned so much over the last three years. For now I am excited about giving “traditional” publishing at least a fair shot. And you will be the first to know what’s what.

More about self- versus traditional in a later instalment.

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  • joy kelley says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Wise plan, Judy. Good luck with the agent. I bet Portland has several has some winners; there’s always SF or NY. E

  • Sabra says:

    Hi Judy, I loved your book and would like to sell it on my website. Could you email me directly so I can get prices and quantities from you? Thanks!

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