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mystery-packThis is a very dull and quiet time of year…if you are a cat.

If you are a human, this human, it’s a different story. My brain is racing like a squirrel in a squirrel exerciser as the new book starts coming together.

Let’s back up a bit. This is not a new book per se, but rather a novel I began probably 15 years ago. I even wrote out parts of it, but it never quite came together. I put it aside. Somewhere. Wherever it is now, it will never be found. I’ve moved three times and owned several computers in that time period. But that is OK. I didn’t lose anything. It’s all still there. At the time, the story haunted me. But that was a different time, and not the right time.

That is the weird thing about stories, for me at least. I have another Emma mystery or two left in me, but this isn’t the time for them. So I started kicking around ideas several months ago. And in seeking the new I found something old.

There’s not a great deal I can tell you about the new book. We will go back in time a few years and hang out mostly in the Columbia Gorge. I think you’ll like it. The Columbia Gorge is, to me, sacred ground. It has been an important part of my life since I was a small child and we drove to Portland on an old two-lane highway. There were waterfalls and lush greenery. Before Celilo Falls was buried by The Dalles Dam, I watched the Indians fish from the rocks with spears and nets as we drove toward our destination. I’m very excited. So keep your fingers crossed as I transition these ideas from brain to written pages.

Old business:  Today I made a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation based on net book sales for the months of November and December 2015. You can donate too, just hit the link. I like this donation idea and plan to keep it going. My donation for January and February 2016 will go to the Oregon Humane Society. Donation amount will be for 10% net sales, so this is a great time to purchase a book–online, directly from me, or on my website, e-book or real book–and get some extra bang for your bucks.



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  • Margie Hurle says:

    Sacred ground indeed. One of the most beautiful, evokative landscapes I know.

  • Looking forward to reading about the Columbiaa Gorge. We attended a Wine Bloggers’ Conference a few years ago and had a wonderful 2-night stay at the beautiful Skamania Lodge following the conference. Happy writing!

  • Rebecca Hamilton says:

    I can’t wait for the new book!!
    The Columbia Gorge is also sacred to me! I didn’t realize it was the Dalles Damn () that obliterated Celilo Falls!
    I remember many trips on that old, windy 2 lane highway–as our family traveled to Missouri to visit our relatives.
    I’ve hiked many of the trails—Eagle Creek is my favorite.
    My proudest memory is biking from home (inner SE Portland) to Multnomah falls!
    Thanks again for putting a dent in breast cancer!!

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